CCA’s International Summer School
2017 Teen Scholarship Recipients
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1st place Division 1 Winner
Lea McClintock
Teacher ~
Kristen Messner

The Happy Winners
Meredith Haskell 
Lea McClintock

1st place Division 2 Winner
Meredith Haskell
Teacher ~ Kristen Messner

2017_CCO_Performance_Company-Division-I.gif (271304 bytes) 2017_CCO_Performance_Company_Division_II.gif (269562 bytes)
2017 CCO Performance Company - Division I 2017 CCO Performance Company Division II

2017_Scholarship_Placement_Winners-Division_I.gif (243322 bytes) 2017_Scholarship_Placement_Winners-Division_II.gif (328355 bytes)
2017 Scholarship Placement Winners- Division I 2017 Scholarship Placement Winners-Division II

2017_Scholarship_Participation_Certificate_Division_1.gif (250181 bytes)

2017 Scholarship Participation Certificate Division 1

Hope College - CCA Summer School 

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Hope-College_CCA-Summer-Sc2.gif (338753 bytes)

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Hope-College_CCA-Summer-Sc4.gif (457787 bytes)

Hope-College_CCA-Summer-Sc5.gif (531944 bytes)

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Hope-College_CCA-Summer-Sc6.gif (363618 bytes)


These students passed successful exams in Grade 1 Cecchetti

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