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The Members Only pages will provide you with links to forms and information that is confidential to our membership including our minutes, rules and regulations, exam information and all of our applications that are needed for our various functions. 

The minutes for all of our meeting will be available and will keep you informed of the everyday happenings of our organization. These will be extremely helpful if you are unable to attend a meeting. 

In our rules and regulations you will find the guidelines needed to comply with our set policies. If any changes are made throughout the year we will highlight the change so you can identify it quickly. 

The exam section is designed to give you guidelines for setting up exams, hosting and making available all forms that you might need. The applications are available for all of our activities and we hope you find this helpful and convenient. 

Please feel free to download any of the material that you might need from the list below..

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Rules and Regulations:

Ohio Committee Cecchetti Council Of America
Rules and Regulations -
Revised 8-15

Ohio Committee Cecchetti Council Of America
  Standing Rules - 2016-17 - Revised 10-31-16

Prerequisites for qualifying examinations and membership level explanation


February 10, 2019 – Ballet Day    Ohio Committee - C.C.A. - Poland, Ohio

October 28, 2018 – Ballet Day    Ohio Committee - C.C.A. - Berea Ohio

September 16, 2018 – Liaison Day    Ohio Committee - C.C.A. - Berea Ohio

August 14, 2018 Committee Planning Meeting    Ohio Committee - C.C.A. - Bricco Kent Ohio

February 11, 2018 - Ballet Day    Ohio Committee - C.C.A. - Poland Ohio

October 8, 2017 - Ballet Day    Ohio Committee - C.C.A. - Berea, Ohio

revised - SEPTEMBER 17, 2017- Liaison    Ohio Committee - C.C.A. - Poland, Ohio

revised - FEBRUARY 12, 2017    Ohio Committee - C.C.A. - Poland, Ohio

OCTOBER 23, 2016    Ohio Committee - C.C.A. - Berea, Ohio

SEPTEMBER 25, 2016    Ohio Committee - C.C.A. - Dover, Ohio

AUGUST 10, 2016  Committee Chairperson Meeting - Stow, Ohio

FEBRUARY 14, 2016  Ohio Committee - C.C.A. - Poland, Ohio

OCTOBER 11, 2015  Ohio Committee - C.C.A. - Stow, Ohio

SEPTEMBER 27, 2015  Ohio Committee - C.C.A. - Newton Falls, Ohio

AUGUST 18, 2015  Committee Chairperson Meeting - Tallmadge, Ohio

FEBRUARY 15, 2015  Minutes for "Ballet Day" - Poland, Ohio

OCTOBER 5, 2014  Minutes for "Ballet Day" - Stow, Ohio

SEPTEMBER 14, 2014  "Liaison Day" - Tallmadge, Ohio

AUGUST 21, 2014  Committee Chairperson Meeting - Kent, Ohio

FEBRUARY 9, 2014  Minutes for "Ballet Day" - Poland Ohio

OCTOBER 13, 2013  Minutes for "Ballet Day" - Berea, Ohio

AUGUST 25, 2013  Chairperson Meeting - Medina, Ohio

FEBRUARY 10, 2013 Kathi Halbert’s Studio - Poland, Ohio


Special Announcements:

  Revisions to Elementary Syllabus 2014: - click here   


Remember that for the first 10 students that you bring to the ballet workshop you will receive a $25.00 discount, and an additional $1.00 discount for every student over 10 that attend!

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National Membership Application

Exam Application 2017  - click here

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Scholarship Applications:

 February 10, 2019 - Cecchetti Ohio Ballet Day and Teen Scholarships
Kathi's Dance and Gym Center - 10825 Springfield Rd. Poland, Ohio 44514 
330-549-2522 Studio / Director: Kathi Halbert, 330-518-7010 (cell)


Teen Scholarships

Cecchetti Teacher: 

Patty Suto
Denise Gillman

Click here for our event Brochure
Includes registration form, schedule of events and fees.

For more information, please contact: Kathi Halbert 330-549-2522 - E-Mail:   


March 1-3,2019 - Spring Exams
Kathi's Dance & Gym Center, (Kathi Halbert) - 10825 Springfield Rd., Poland, OH 44514
330-549-2522 / 



Send registration and check to:

Angela Guidos
3231 Ridgeway Drive, Greensburg, PA 15601

Deadline Dates: Postmarked by January 18, 2019

For more information, please contact: Angela Guidos 

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