The Cecchetti Council of Ohio - Scholarships

CCA of Ohio embraces the value of education for its members and their students. It offers various opportunities for ways to earn scholarships so that they may further their education and continue to grow in knowledge and technical efficiency. 

The Student Scholarship audition classes are given throughout the year in four divisions: Youth 8-9, Youth 10-11, Teen Division A and Teen Division B. These auditions provide the students with a great opportunity to experience the audition process and to receive scholarships for workshop classes and National Seminars. 

CCA of Ohio also offers a College Scholarship for current high school seniors and college students. Through essays, dance videos and interviews the students portray their talents and love for the arts, their character and leadership capabilities and their future academic goals that they have set out to accomplish. Two thousand, two hundred and fifty dollars ($2,250.00) are available yearly for our member teacher’s students who pursue to win these scholarships.

Students at  2018's Cecchetti Council of America’s Summer Intensive 
at Hope College in Holland Michigan

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