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Cecchetti Syllabus Quiz Grade I
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The theory of the movement of the arms says when going from a low position to a high position they go:
• up the side
• up the front
• the way that's closest

Which of the following arm positions are NOT on this grade? 
• première
• quatrième en avant
• cinquième en haut

Pointe tendu à terre means
• stretched point in the air
• stretched point on the ground 
• stretched point to the side

To the fourth front is
• a la quatrième derrière
• a la quatrième en avant
• a la quatrième devant

The longest line your body can make is a(n):
• arabesque
• posè
• coupè

Battement frappé means: 
• beating stretched
• beating thrown
• beating struck

Adage means
• fast and quick
• slow and controlled 

Port de bras
• carriage of the arms
• movement of the body
• turning of the head

• group of turns
• chain of steps
• bow

If devant means "front" and en avant means "to the front" then derrière means _________ and en arrière means ________.
• back / in the air
• side/ to the side
• back / to the back

Temps levé means
• to jump
• raised movement
• escaping movement

Jeté means
• to throw
• to slide
• to jet 

Which of these is NOT a Grade 1 movement in dance?
• plié
• échappé
• sauté 

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