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Cecchetti Syllabus Quiz Grade Il
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The theory of the movement of the head says the head is the _______ to leave and the ______ to return.
• first/last
• last/last
• last/first

The two NEW body positions are:
• quatrième devant and derrière
• croisée devant and derrière
• croisième devant and derrière

In this grade there are ¬¬¬____ (total) movements in dance?
• 4
• 5
• 6

Which is NOT one of the new arm positions?
• troisième
• quatrième en haut
• troisième en haut

Temps lié means
• side to side
• connected movement
• raised movement

Demi- détourné means
• half turn
• half bend
• half spin

Battement degage means
• beating stretched
• beating struck
• beating disengaged
Fondu means
• to melt
• to make smooth
• to slide
Pirouette means
• spin
• turn
• circular movements

An assembling movement that is sustained (the legs straighten in between the assemblés) is an:
• assemblé de suite
• assemblé dessus
• assemblé soutenu

What body position are balancés danced in?
• efface
• écartée
• épaulé

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