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Cecchetti Syllabus Quiz Grade Ill
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The new body position is:
• effacé
• écarté
• épaulé

Which is NOT a new movement in dance?
• élancer
• étendre
• echapper

Fermé means:
• open
• closed
• crossed

Demi contretemps means:
• half turn
• half counterbeat
• half raised movement

A sudden bound is a:
• sissonne
• soubresaut
• soussus

A scissor-like step is a:
• calzone
• sissonne
• soubresaut

Avec means:
• to
• side
• with

A tour de la salle is a:
• circle step
• barre exercise
• bow
To execute a pas de bourrée devant your feet:
• cross front, open, close in front
• cross front, open, close in back
• cross back, open, close in front

Which step is the highlight of the Changement & Soubresaut exercise?
• The 3 changements
• The plie inbetween each jump
• The soubresaut

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