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Cecchetti Syllabus Quiz Grade IV
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How many fourth positions are there (feet)?
• 1
• 3
• 4

Which is NOT one of the new body positions?
• effacé
• épaulé
• epaulment

Which is one of the new attitude positions?
• en facé
• croisée
• elongée

Cambré means:
• arch
• twist
• bend

Battement piqué means:
• beating perched
• beating pricked
• beating poked

A whipping movement is a:
• fouetté
• frappé
• couru

What step was created for King Louis because he was too fat to do entrechat quatre?
• changement
• echappé battue
• entrechat royale

Entrechat Royale means:
• royal chain of steps
• royal chain of cats
• royal interweaving

A bourrée step running is a: 
• pas de bourrée rune
• pas de bourrée promenade
• pas de bourrée couru

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