The Cecchetti Council of Ohio - Workshops

CCA of Ohio offers three workshops throughout the year to help promote the syllabus work of Enrico Cecchetti. The Cecchetti Method offers teachers a completely balanced and analyzed system of theory and execution for the planned development of the student from the first lesson to professional levels. There are four student grade levels I IV, and four professional levels: Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced, and Diploma A and B.. The workshops are devoted to the art of teaching, emphasizing developing technique and the quality of movement, body placement, and style. 

The first workshop of the year is taught by our liaison officer and is open to all teachers who would like to explore, learn and study the Cecchetti Method. This workshop keeps us abreast of any syllabi changes, all National activities and serves as an important link between the regional and national organizations.

A fall and spring workshop for teachers and students not only teaches the various Cecchetti levels in syllabus classes but also offers classes in other disciplines of dance to help develop a well rounded dancer. The importance of technique, quality, body placement and style is stressed throughout the workshop focusing on how Cecchetti influences and strengthens all of their movements and dance endeavors. 

                                     Our workshop schedules are subject to change.

February 7, 2021 Winter Ballet Day


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